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The temperature of the earth is constantly increasing every year. The world is very sick. The 23rd, 25th, and 20th are the warmest years on earth. Particularly over the past century, electricity, coal, oil and other hazardous chemicals and gas gases and products have been increasing the temperature, storms, floods, extremes, excessive rainfall, cooling and causing earth damage. Weight level. Amazon forests have been severely threatened by the ecosystem, as it is being demolished in the name of development known for destroying the Maison forest. In addition, the use of plastics, polythene, chemicals, cultivable land, sea, rivers, and millions of species face widespread pollution. The UN report published in 28 contains shocking information.

२. Of the million species on earth, 3 million are close to extinction.

२. 5% of wild animals are extinct

२. The natural environment was destroyed by %%

२. Plants and animals are in a state of destruction at 5%

२. Up to 25% of cultivable land has been disqualified for those who are directly or indirectly responsible. Swatha Bhat, led by Greta Thunberg of Sweden, is leading the movement to protect the natural environment by students at the institute. England and Ireland have united in their demands.


Current reference to Bangladesh:

Sky, wind, soil, water, riverside cities, markets, major food, beverage and other materials have been confessed to be deadly. Sundarbans are our lungs, and again Bangladesh’s best friend is protecting us from the storm of the South. Arrangements for termination of Sundarbans are underway. Most of our forests have been cut down and cleaned. With the developed countries of the world, we are the biggest natural crisis in the world due to air and water pollution created by the factories of our neighboring countries. Increasingly, our own indigenous pollution is like a ditch. Moreover, due to ignorance we are contaminating food and land as farmers are taking crops with extra fertilizers and pesticides. Unless dishonest professionals stop mixing chemicals in food, our future generations are basically suffering from unsafe diseases and will grow in an impossible way. Imported foods should also be pollution free.

Therefore, we have created a social organization called Green Movement to create a country free of human-made pollution, economy and human society.


Our demand to the Government:

१. A) Coal based power plants at Rampal along with Sundarpal will be stopped and all coal based power plants in Bangladesh will be stopped.

  1. B) All shrubs that are detrimental to the environment of the Sundarbans should be removed from the shrubs’ embankments and new structures and the law must be approved in Parliament.
  2. C) To maintain the environment, for the development of all sectors, it is necessary to stop the use of coal and generate electricity through renewable energy. The Ministry of Renewable Energy will set up a research system and sufficient funds should be allocated.
  3. D) Carbon pollution is the leading cause of rising global temperatures for power generation and mill factories, burning coal, gas and mineral oils. Therefore, to reduce carbon emissions, government plans should be prepared and announced for the 25th and 20th years. The monsoon will be declared as a serious threat to the climate crisis.

२. Each industry will be forced to adopt eco-friendly ETP formulas. In this case, the ETP monitoring cell should be established and monitored.

General Chat Chat Lounge To prevent food adulteration, chemical mixers have to legislate in food court for life. Due to ignorance, there is a need to raise awareness on an urgent basis and to ensure the use of pesticides to reduce excess fertilizer use in agriculture.

General Chat Chat Lounge A) To encourage the use of recycling practices in industrial and household waste management, initiatives must be taken and the use of technology must be ensured.

  1. B) City corporation, industrial area bills and waste should be stopped at the edge of the city. Adequate space should be allocated for the construction of a safe dumping station.
  2. C) E-waste management should be taken very seriously. Radiation pollution poses a serious health threat to the entire country. For e-waste promotion, the amount paid for the construction of a risk-free dumping station in each regional city should be paid to all generated electric and electronics companies.

General Chat Chat Lounge A) The embankment should be constructed in the south of the Bay of Bengal to protect against future climate change.

  1. B) The dredging system must be changed to prevent the reeve’s sailors’ crisis
  2. C) As a affected state, compensation must be ensured from developed countries. The Ministry of Environment should play an effective role in curbing corruption by ensuring that allocation is increased by increasing the allocation of money.
  3. D) All brick-and-mortar destroyers must be stopped and the shipbuilding and ship-breaking environment must be followed.
  4. E) Wheelchair electric train has to be started using renewable fuel around Dhaka.
  5. F) Reducing traffic by keeping the car moving by building overpasses or underpasses at every major road link in Dhaka.

* Let us move forward to save this country of six seasons of greenery. Let us join the Green Movement to protect the future generations from future destruction. Green Bangladesh is created through social forestry.

Bappi Sardar

Chairman Green Movement

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