Endless melancholy’s dust – Abul Bashar Sarniabad



These stories won’t last, maybe sometime.

Nature is hurting

The fire that prevents the fire flows into the sea

Cedar lounges float on shore


Kumar’s dead body has been dumped in the water

Humans, animals, and plants are all in a ruthless beauty

The body of a dead body is always in the burning water

Paddy Seeds are situated on the coastal shores of the jungle village

The deadly odor of the corpse became miserable


At the bottom of the widow’s heart lies the pain of the sea

Do you know what a hurricane is? No matter how sad you are

Thousands of years of mole love to share

Did you know that the house was destroyed?


The Gothic king’s dream story about a scorpion story is about a kingdom

Seven-seas across the Thirteen-River from the city of Kohekbaf

A fairytale favorite is the fairy tale and treasure on the breast of the mother

Coal children in Bengal are not given back their homeland


That stupid kid in a mother’s cell is gone a thousand times over

From the legend, lost at sea

This is the destiny of the people of Bengal today


It is written around the turn of the millennium

The voice of the world’s saddest tunes in Bengal

“Kandyasu’s life is full and Kandisu has Nirvana …

Cole’s baby floats in the water, and your hundred hearts. ‘


The king of Gauhar was on an unforgettable journey in history

The wings of the wings sink deep into the seven seas

And their carriers, the Pankhiraj horses, have got into trouble

In search of another sad prince in another country


Anger of peace everywhere, burning sorrow of burning

Elefan Hirazile Motijheel is a happy place in the capital

Only those myths that lasted thousands of years

The story of folklore is about folklore and tragedy


The Guru says that whatever God does, He does it for good

In the flood of seventy volcanoes, I see burning sails

Hundreds of millions of people are in the Cedar Isle forests of Hurricane Hurricane

There are countless mute animals and lush green plants

Everything becomes a cure for God’s goodness


The Great God Himself is in the grip of all the cruelties of history

He knows what mercy was manifest in Bengal

We are by far the worst sinner on this coast of poor Bangladesh

In the famine, we lost our loved ones in the war movement


We know only that the suffering in the heart is due to accumulation

The turbulent sea will once again have a terrible catastrophe

Numerous human infants and shepherds are immorally primitive  collapsed edge of the body.